Diesel Marine Service LTD company offers services for repair and maintenance diesel engines and diesel power stations, carries out urgent works and overhauls worldwide. The company is using all their experience to provide the best service in this sphere. Diesel Marine Service LTD has the certificate of compliance requirements of the Russian Maritime Shipping Register and by the Russian River Register.

If you are new to the vessel industry or looking to buy a vessel, make sure you know what you are buying. We offer a full Mechanical Survey.

We offer a wide range of service options, from full service oil changes, maintenance services, descaling services.

Engine Rebuilds and Repowers. Whether you need something as simple as an oil change or a new set of injectors we have you covered. 


Our company offers a wide range of services in this respect:


• Repair of engines of various types

• Major or scheduled repair of the vessel                  

• Vessel inspection before purchase                            

• Other types of repairs

• Hull repairs

• Dock Maintenance